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Information Kennedymars Klarenbeek

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7e Long Distance Walk and 11e Kennedymars
The walk through four villages on 15 and 16 March 2024 will start at 15.30h or 22.00h in Klarenbeek, Gelderland (Netherlands).

Click here to register.

Friday afternoon ⇒ 15 March 2024, 15.30h: start of LDW of 110 kilometers

Friday evenening ⇒ 15 March 2024, 22.00h, start of:

  • 80 km, Kennedymars 
  • 60 km, Night of Klarenbeek 
  • 40 km, Night of Klarenbeek 
  • 20 km, Night of Klarenbeek

For participation in the Night of Klarenbeek walks, registration beforehand is required. For all Night of Klarenbeek walks combined, the maximum number of participants is 350.

Saturdaymorning 16 March 2024, the daytime walks will start.

  • 40 km from 07.00h until 09.00h Round of Klarenbeek
  • 30 km from 07.00h until 09.00h Round of Klarenbeek
  • 20 km from 09.00h until 12.00h Round of Klarenbeek
  • 12 km from 09.00h until 12.00h Round of Klarenbeek

Registration for the Round of Klarenbeek daytime walks, is possible before the start on location in Klarenbeek. 

Long Distance Walk - 110 km
On Friday afternoon, 15.30h, the walk will start from Spankeren with a line walk of 30 kilometers to Klarenbeek. You will be transported by busses from the location in Klarenbeek (MFC) to Spankeren. The first 15 km will be unpaved and after that, you will arrive at a rest post. At this location, you can make free use of coffee, tea, healthy waters and the toilet. This is ofcourse also a moment to take a rest. The next 15 km will be paved and you will arrive back at the MFC in Klarenbeek. In the MFC, a warm meal will be available for you. At 22.00h, you will join the start of the Kennedymars 80 km walk participants. All consumptions underway are included in your registration fee. Important to know is that a walking pace of at least 6 kilometers per hour is expected for this first 30 kilometers.

Kennedymars - 80 km 

The Kennedymars consists of four loops of 20 kilometers. You will walk the final 40 kilometers together with the participants of the daytime Round of Klarenbeek participants of the 12, 20, 30 and 40 kilometers routes. At the starting location, a bag with personal belonings can be left behind. 

The first two loops (at night) will be walked on paved roads. The last two loops (during the day) are mostly unpaved as that has been common in earlier walks.

For the most loops of 20 kilometers, after approximately 7 and 14 kilometers, there is a so called chariot rest. We will offer you easy food and drinks on these points. This is again included in the registration fee.

After 20 kilometers and 60 kilometers, you are able to consume food and drinks (on your own costs) in the catering of the MFC ('de Brug' or 'the Bridge') in Klarenbeek. After 40 kilometers, a complete breakfast will be offered to the participants that have walked during the night. This breakfast is again included in the registration fee.

You will walk unique routes and roads and you will be offered a great course.

Saturday afternoon, 18.00h, will be final time to finish for all walks/distances.

Impression of previous years - Kennedymars 2021 and Kennedymars 2019!

You can already register here.

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